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Tel Aviv Restaurants

Tel Aviv, one of the world's most celebrated cosmopolitans, a city full of restaurants offering dishes from all over the globe. Every spice and herb, any exotic dish, everything can be found in the city that never sleeps a city that hosts an ongoing culinary experience.

Baba Yaga is a unique example of a Tel Aviv restaurant, a one of its kind kitchen that offers a blend of delicacies from European, Mediterranean and Russian cuisine. Walking distance from the beach, with a nearby parking area, Baba Yaga opens its doors for couples, families, groups, and events of up to 100 people in a decorated garden scenario, keeping the uncompromising quality of its exciting dishes.

Under the conducting of the house chef, Maria Piznetz, the Baba Yaga kitchen works strictly with fresh materials, offering a perfect mixture of deliciousEuropeancuisine and the overall atmosphere to match your dining experience.


New summer garden ZAKUSKI menu


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