“The Garden” is the area in our restaurant widely famous for its atmosphere, distinctive vibe, and coziness. The space is also genuinely unique for the center of Tel Aviv. You won’t be able to find a similar garden patio two steps from the sea in our city.   “The Garden” is a spacious open-air patio, […]


The Gallery is an elegant, gallery-shaped glass hall overlooking the restaurant garden. Floor-to-ceiling display windows make the space bright and airy. As an option, some of the windows can be moved, combining the Gallery space with the open inner patio. On the other hand, with all the windows closed, the hall can be fully isolated […]


The Main Hall is the most spacious indoor hall of the restaurant. Large floor-length sliding glass walls allow you to transform the space into a completely isolated or open space combined with the restaurant’s central area.   The Main Hall is perfect for small concerts, presentations, corporate meetings, and other events. ​ Capacity: 30-65 people […]


“Lounge” is the most private space, located in the main building. White tablecloths. Formal interior design.   The Lounge is completely isolated from other banquet halls and the garden. It allows small groups or large families to enjoy privacy there.   Capacity: 10-40 people in banquet-style seating

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